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Now it’s easy, fast and secure to transfer funds between your bank accounts regardless of where they are located. 

You can now carry out inter-institutional money transfers with the click of a mouse and even request one-time, future dated and recurring transfers.

It’s simple to set up. Under the “Transfers” tab, click on “Add External Transfer Account” to add the accounts you would like to have access. Once you submit this form, we will notify you when the capability is added. Please note that this initial process can take at least seven days. You will then be able to use “External Transfers” just as you would any other transfers, just click on the accounts drop-down box to make a transaction. There is a charge of $1.95 for each transfer to another institution. Transfers from another institution to you CNB account are free.

Some restrictions apply:

·        You must have a deposit account with Commercial National Bank of Texarkana for a period of not less than 6 months

·        Your account must be in good standing. Repeated overdrafts will not be considered for this product offering.

·        We will verify the existence of the external account. This process takes at least seven days.   

·        Transfers are limited to $500 unless you request a higher limit. Requests must be approved by a bank officer.


This feature provides you more control over your finances than ever before. Please contact us at onlinebanking@cnbtxk.com if you have any questions.


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