DEBIT CARDS/Credit Cards

MasterMoney DEBIT Card

The CNB MasterMoney card replaces your need for checks. Accepted at retail stores, restaurants, gas pumps, ATM's... anywhere you can swipe a card, you can use it. Instant access to your funds and instant approval of your purchases. Applications are available at all CNB locations.

Daily Limits on MasterMoney Debit Card:  $500 POS (per card)
                                                                            $300 ATM (per card)


 No fees ever at an ATM owned by CNB, but cards are subject to fees at ATMs not owned by CNB.

Replacement Card..............................$5.00

To Report a Lost or Stolen card:

Please call us at 870-773-4561, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 pm or 1-800-523-4175 anytime.


MasterCard SecureCode

MasterMoney Debit card customers are also eligable for the MasterCard SecureCode program. The MasterCard SecureCode protects your card against unauthorized use by setting up a secure PIN number with which to validate your online transactions. Interested customers can sign up now!



Issued through Simmons First National Bank of Pine Bluff, a Visa or MasterCard revolving credit card issued in your name will give you freedom and flexibility in making important purchases. You will receive a detailed monthly statement of all your transactions. Apply today. All applications are subject to credit approval.

To report a Lost or Stolen Card:

Please call 1-800-VISA-911 anytime.



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